dataerase    anime    pc98    collage    glitch    pixel art
    dataerase    anime    glitch    gif

Some of the gifs used in my internet feels submission.

Can be watched here:

    anime    dataerase    collage    glitch    pixel art    pc98
    anime    pc98    collage    glitch    pixel
    anime    pc98    glitch    collage
Thank you

Thank you

    dataerase    anime    pc98    collage    glitch    pixel art
    dataerase    anime    glitch    pixel art
your blog is perfect + i love you


    dataerase    sofachips    AVD78    goldenjoe    Not Anything    video art    internet feels


Internet Feels no.2

Featuring artists: Sofachips, AVD78, Goldenjoe, Not Anything, and me.

My segment starts at 3:11 but you should watch the whole thing because all of these are cool.